Counseling Services

Clients cultivate personal awareness and discover their unique truth

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Boulder Integrated Health offers extensive therapy and wellness services to clients with or without enrollment in addiction treatment services.

Counseling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a confidential professional relationship that focuses on personal problems. At Boulder Integrated Health, it is an opportunity to talk to a licensed clinical psychologist who is a skilled listener trained in the science of human behavior.

We embolden our clients by disrupting dysfunctional behavioral patterns and working through stuck traumas and co-occurring disorders. We recognize that each of our clients’ life circumstances are as unique as they are.

COVID-19 Response

Boulder Integrated Health is providing telehealth services
in addition to being open and accepting new participants.

We are all in need of extra care and support in these unprecedented times, and we’re working night and day to meet the demand for seamless virtual therapeutics

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.