Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Boulder Integrated Health runs official accounts on social media by understanding that social media is a place for communication based on a tie among individuals and that information is disclosed to the public and cannot be completely eliminated once dispatched, encouraging communication in a moderate manner as a sensible participant and complying with the following items.

  • Communicating in a sincere and serious manner
  • Having an awareness of humbly listening to third parties
  • Providing full consideration to maintaining fair communication and causing no detriments
  • Proactively providing information for users to have rewarding experiences
  • Being responsible for dispatching and handling information and paying careful attention not to cause misunderstanding
  • Offering apologies and revising information immediately if wrong or misleading expressions are used
  • Complying with social media rules and respecting its culture and manners
  • Complying with laws, regulations and other social norms

This policy is subject to change without notice.

Information to Social Media Users

  • Statements by employees other then on Boulder Integrated Health’s official social media accounts do not express Boulder Integrated Health’s view. Please see official announcements and views of Boulder Integrated Health on Boulder Integrated Health’s website and news releases
  • Individual accounts are run differently (in terms of details of posted information, operation time, reply or no reply, etc.)
  • Boulder Integrated Health does not guarantee that replies will be sent to all posted comments
  • Posted comments may be used for future activities and marketing by Boulder Integrated Health
  • Please note that posted information may be quoted

COVID-19 Response

Boulder Integrated Health is providing telehealth services
in addition to being open and accepting new participants.

We are all in need of extra care and support in these unprecedented times, and we’re working night and day to meet the demand for seamless virtual therapeutics

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.