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We Are Committed to Our Clients

The team at Boulder Integrated Health is a group of highly trained and credentialed professionals who are passionate about recovery. We are diverse in background and practice but unified by one common thread: to collectively integrate our skill sets to treat and empower each client that we serve.

Our values


Disassembling negative belief systems


Creating meaningful relationships


Discovering your purpose

Danny Conroy


The knowledge that Danny gained while working at treatment facilities and therapeutic boarding schools was fundamental in building the fantastic program that BIH is today. He co-founded AIM House in 1999 and is the founder of the CU Boulder Collegiate Recovery Center.  He helped create the Cocoon Program for chronically ill children at Children’s Hospital in Denver. He volunteers his time with Horizons Elementary School, Boulder County YMCA and several other human services agencies on the Colorado Front Range.

Mae Martin


A long-time healer, Mae co-founded AIM house, a facility helping young men connect to their hopes and dreams, with her husband in 1999. In 2005, she expanded the program to include young women. An avid hiker and yogi, Mae has a deep passion for helping people find what they love. When not at Boulder Integrative Health, she spends time with her husband Daniel, their four children, Quinlan, Gracie, Devlin, and Ronan, and the family dog, Stella.

Darrick May, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Darrick May is an addiction psychiatrist who takes an integrative approach to addiction medicine. Dr. May obtained his M.D. from SUNY Upstate Medical University and completed his psychiatry internship and residency at the University of Washington. Dr. May also completed an addiction psychiatry fellowship at the University of New Mexico and a postdoctoral clinical and research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. In addition to serving as the Medical Director of Boulder Integrated Health, Dr. May is conducting research on the potential antidepressant effects of alternative medicine in people with major depressive disorder. 

Kelly Luck, MA, LCP, LAC

 Clinical Director


Kelly has a BA in psychology from the University of Redlands, and a MA in counseling from University of Colorado Denver.  Kelly is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a licensed addictions counselor (LAC). 


Kelly started her career as a therapist working at AIM House. After stepping away from AIM House Kelly has worked with both adolescents and adults in the inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment settings. Her most recent experience was working with a local high school to offer services that were unavailable socioeconomically for at-risk students within the community. 


 Kelly is incredibly passionate about working with substance abuse, mental health and trauma. She values the importance of building connection and community. In addition to working with substance abuse and mental health, Kelly has additional training and experience in trauma, attachment issues, DBT, CBT, brainspotting, and crisis counseling.


Kelly’s hobbies include running the endless miles of trails around the Boulder area as well as the Colorado Front Range. When she is not running on the trails she can be found running after her daughter or spending time with her husband and family.

Nadine Martin, PMHNP- BC Psychiatric

 Nurse Practitioner

Nadine graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She also holds a certificate in Chemical Dependency from University of California, San Diego. After a decade of practice, Nadine earned her Master’s of Science in Nursing and a Nurse Practitioner Certificate from California State University, Long Beach. She has served as a Trauma Clinician at Scripps Memorial Hospital for thirteen years, practiced holistic treatments as a nurse practitioner and served as a medical consultant, designing and implementing telehealth training and international disease management programs around the world. 

Wes Fischer

Chief of Operations

Wes is a Boulder, Colorado native. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion. Wes has also completed CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy. He has been working with AIM house since 2015 and also assists as a Manifest Mentor. Wes is also a certified Colorado Peer and Family Specialist.

Wes has previously worked as a coach for CSU youth sports camps on multiple occasions and as an assistant coach at Borrego Springs High School for baseball. He also has experience working at the Miraval Tucson body mindfulness center, at Insight Intensive at Gold Lake as a participant trainer, and as the Fitness Director at Borrego Ranch.

Wes’ favorite part about working with young adults is to help them define their passions and to support them as they develop new skills. Wes is in active recovery and hopes that through his own experiences and mistakes he can help others conquer their fears and live a less painful life. Wes enjoys weight training, basketball, Brazilian JiuJitsu and a full life of sobriety when he’s not working.

Nick Zaring, MA, LPC, LAC

Primary Therapist

Nick received his BA in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology from CU Boulder where he was a BURST/BSI Scholar researching RNA viruses, mammalian genetics, and plant genomes. He holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Denver with a focus on addictions. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and enjoyed exploring many cultures overseas; he continues to be amazed at the diversity of life and the human thread that unites us all.

During his military experience and undergraduate research Nick became interested in mental health counseling as a way to heal the past, promote the future, and fully experience the present. As a counselor he has worked with many ages and backgrounds for the last 4 years. He has specific experience with adolescents, individuals with developmental disabilities, clients in the criminal justice system and addictions.

Nick is oriented toward an existential and humanistic approach to counseling and has training in CBT, 3rd Wave CBT, DBT, and person-centered therapies. He relies on research based and relationship focused interventions to help facilitate clients’ self-mastery. In his free time, he enjoys practicing and teaching yoga as well as riding his bicycle. He is a Colorado native with a passion for camping and bird-watching. Nick also enjoys playing drums. He spends much of his time with his wife and two cats.

Kathleen McCarthy - MA, LAC, LPC

Primary Therapist

Kathleen works collaboratively with her clients to find the approach that best meets their needs, with the ultimate goal of helping her clients feel more emotionally free in their lives. She believes in a holistic approach to working with recovering human beings and draws from many traditions, blending mindfulness-based therapies, somatic work, brainspotting trauma work and resilience building, CBT/DBT skill building, 12-step integration, and an overall person-centered psychotherapy into the work.

Kathleen graduated with a BA in Sociology from Skidmore College in 2006 and earned an MA in Transpersonal Psychology Counseling from Naropa University in 2013. Kathleen has worked in variety of clinical settings since 2011. In these settings, Kathleen held many different roles, including that of a mentor, case manager, parent coach, family counselor, group facilitator, and therapist.

When Kathleen is not at work, you can find her practicing on her yoga mat, hiking/biking/camping in the mountains, experiencing live music through dance, and finding creative ways to engage with self-care.

Mike Murphy, Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT

Primary Therapist and Therapy Dog Prince

Mike holds a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy from Regis University in Denver. He is drawn toward a systemic approach to therapy due the profound influences he’s experienced navigating many diverse systems, and more importantly the narratives that have resulted. Mike’s clinical experience has been focused on Young Adults and Adolescents who are having trouble finding meaning, in what is an increasingly complicated world and time in their development. He believes clarity and healing can spring from the insight gained around profound influences, primarily family but also narratives formed through one’s academic and relational engagement. As a father of two young adults, He’s very in tune with the uniqueness of their generation and the traps of using 20th century motivational techniques on a brain that has been impacted by vastly different experiences.Lastly, he cites finding it hard to look past the startling statistics around mental health, addiction and suicide rates of our young people today. The technological and societal dynamics at play appear to only be getting more intense and in need of greater insight to support this very stressed population.Prior to (Aim House / BIH) Mike was dedicated to working with adolescents / young adults in very diverse settings including Boston where he initially worked as an In-Home Therapist in South Boston neighborhoods, then was recruited to facilitate groups in an Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) in East Boston; addressing their substance abuse with the evidenced based Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) Model. Enjoying time with his family and friends, music festivals, hiking and playing drums are some of Mike’s favorite pastimes.

Courtney McCall - MA, LAC, LPC


Bio coming soon!

Lior Alon, MA, LPC

Primary Therapist

Lior (she/her/her) is a nature-based counselor who weaves elements of the natural world into her sessions whether inside or outside the office. She uses her extensive experience working in wilderness therapy, addiction treatment centers, yoga studios, schools, summer camps, outdoor education centers and youth mentorship/rites of passage programs to inspire creative, unique and transformative and most importantly playful experiences for her clients. She believes everyone has the right to feel at home and present in their body, mind and soul as well as in relationships with others and the natural world. She uses experiential, collaborative, strengths-based and body-centered approaches to support clients in strengthening their own intuition, personal power and wisdom. She holds a degree in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University and a has a small private practice alongside her work in the community. When not working, she enjoys movement practices such as hiking, yoga, ceramics, gardening and swimming.

Zev Keppleman - MA, LPC


Zev was born and raised in California then spent decades traveling and living abroad. Zev received his Bachelor’s in English Literature from New York University and a Masters of Science in Addiction Counseling with Co-Occurring Disorders from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. 
Zev is passionate about working in the mental health and addiction fields based on personal and familial backgrounds and approaches his therapy with a human-centered approach. Prior to joining the BIH/AIM team he was at Harmony in Estes Park and there enjoyed working with individuals of all ages and from various backgrounds. 
When not at work Zev enjoys running, biking, hiking, and going to the gym. He’s an avid reader, loves to cook, and is always looking at possible holiday destinations. 

Ben Morrow, MA, LPCC

Primary Therapist

Ben (he/him/his) was born and raised in Denver, Colorado before migrating eastward to attend college and engage with the initial stages of this perpetual, non-linear, multifaceted, transformational journey known colloquially as “growing up.” Ben received his BA in Drama from Vassar College, and spent a number of years working as an actor in new play development in New York City and regionally before returning to Colorado in 2015. He completed his post graduate training at Naropa University and holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. Ben is licensed professional counselor candidate (LPCC). Prior to BIH/AIM House, Ben’s professional experience includes addictions treatment, working with individuals recovering from osvchosis and other extreme states of consciousness, and most recently, in a Medicaid clinic offering services to clients with a wide spectrum of presenting concerns. Ben’s orientation to therapeutic work is holistic, person-centered, and relational. He holds a view that health and clarity are foundational qualities of being a human being, no matter how obscured the may become by confusion. causes, and conditions. Ben aspires to accompany clients into discovery and alignment with their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to promote self-determination, wellbeing, resilience, and reconnection to intrinsic health. Ben loves being outdoors and is an avid hiker, backpacker, camper, and fly fisherman.

Dakotah Acosta

Art Therapist

Dakotah Acosta is committed to sharing the therapeutic benefits of creativity and mindfulness, while advocating in support of her clients’ overall wellness – body, mind, and soul. 

Her Masters in Clinical Mental Health with a concentration of Transpersonal Art Therapy from Naropa University has provided the training she needs to use art to regulate and soothe individuals, as well as bring insights and clarity to their experience. 

Dakotah has experience working with youth who are domestic violence sheltered and homeless, expecting and new parents and their families, as well as individuals who have Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Now working with BIH, she plans to expand her knowledge of clinical mental health, substance, and group work to best serve the Boulder community members who reach out for support. 

Her love for art and mindfulness are witnessed not only in her therapeutic lens, but in her roles as a meditation guide, fine artist, and creator and host of her most recent project, Cut+Paste Colorado, a community collaging event. 

Chris White


Bio coming soon! 

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

To help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the team at Boulder Integrated Health focuses on supporting your health by planning for your future and connecting you to meaningful sober community.

We embolden our clients by disrupting dysfunctional behavioral patterns and working through stuck traumas and co-occurring disorders. We recognize that each of our client’s life circumstances are as unique as they are.

Our compassionate staff understands the discomfort associated with substance abuse and mental health challenges.  We offer support in a way that resonates with each of our clients as they continue their process of individual self-discovery.

COVID-19 Response

Boulder Integrated Health is providing telehealth services
in addition to being open and accepting new participants.

We are all in need of extra care and support in these unprecedented times, and we’re working night and day to meet the demand for seamless virtual therapeutics

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