Case Management

Boulder Integrated Health emphasizes a holistic approach to the management of each case/individual we treat

Our case management team’s primary role is to help our clients identify problematic areas in their lives

We recognize that each of our client’s life circumstances are as unique as they are. Many clients begin their recovery journey amid chaotic or disheartening situations: distressed personal relationships, problems with employers or educational institutions, financial difficulties, consequences with the law.

Each client at Boulder Integrated Health is assigned a Case Management Team made up of a licensed therapist and a Certified Addictions Counselor. The Case Management Team helps identify the issues in the client’s life, and provides the support and resources that will best support the client to address each issue.

Once enrolled, our team works with the client and their family to create an individualized plan. Depending on the individual, the care plan could include:

  • Referral to a more intensive residential treatment program
  • Enrollment in an outpatient program
  • Recommendations for legal, vocational, or academic support
  • Recommendations for further therapeutic treatment
  • Assistance in connecting with a local recovery community

At every step of the way, the BIH Case Management Team is there to champion the client’s success as they transition into a new life.

COVID-19 Response

Boulder Integrated Health is providing telehealth services
in addition to being open and accepting new participants.

We are all in need of extra care and support in these unprecedented times, and we’re working night and day to meet the demand for seamless virtual therapeutics

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.