Boulder Integrated Health (BIH) offers a comprehensive approach to substance use detox, employing medical, therapeutic and holistic services to the clients we serve.  Our scope of practice reaches across all substances of abuse, including heroin, cocaine, suboxone, alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, benzodiazepines and prescription pills.  Engaging the highest standards in therapeutic and medical services, BIH offers unparalleled care to the clients we serve.

At BIH our team of licensed professionals understands the scope of impact that Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can wreak on someone’s life. The consequences often reach far beyond the individual’s physical and mental health, also impacting their spiritual and emotional well-being. People afflicted with SUD often experience deleterious effects to their relationships, personal goals and economic well-being.  In the face of these consequences, many shy away in fear or disbelief that a lasting change is possible or even available to them.  Our team at BIH is uniquely qualified to address these issues and develop an individualized plan to meet each client’s needs as they embark upon the road to recovery.

How We Do It

Medical Supervision:

It is no secret that substances of abuse can have a dramatic and sometimes devastating impact on the user’s mental and physical health, changing their physiological and neurological composition. Consequently, when that substance leaves the body abruptly, there can be immediate medical implications.  These implications are most often referred to as Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or, more commonly, withdrawal symptoms.  Left untreated or improperly addressed, these symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and even life-threatening.

Because of this, our team at Boulder Integrated Health (BIH) believes that when someone is beginning their recovery journey, it is paramount they are medically stabilized first and their withdrawal symptoms treated with the most effective treatments and medications available.  BIH uses Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to curb the discomfort and potential dangers associated with Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.  The MAT process begins with a thorough intake assessment conducted by a licensed physician and psychiatrist to identify the immediate needs of the individual and to draft a plan that will make their detox process as safe and as comfortable as possible.  Once the detox process is underway, it is supported by 24-hour nursing and comprehensive medical oversight.

Therapeutic and Holistic Care:

One of the more glaring difficulties caused by SUD is the deterioration of the user’s spiritual and emotional health.  A deep sense of shame and disconnection frequently accompany the destructive behavior patterns associated with SUD.  At BIH, we believe the recovery process is very much a journey in discovering the truth of you are – disassembling the negative belief systems that users often subscribe to.

To support this process, we offer a robust list of holistic and therapeutic services to each of our clients.  Upon admission to our detox facility, clients have the opportunity to participate in group and one-on-one therapy sessions, Acudetox (acupuncture designed for detox), slow movement yoga and individual sessions with our integrated healing professionals.  Our compassionate staff understands the discomfort associated with substance abuse detox and offers their support in a way that resonates with each of our clients as they begin this process of self-discovery.

Case Management:

At BIH, we recognize that each of our client’s life circumstances are as unique as they are.  It is not uncommon for people to begin their recovery journey amid chaotic or disheartening situations.  Whether it be distressed personal relationships, problems with employers or educational institutions, consequences with the law or financial difficulties, our team of professionals is available to lend a hand.

We accomplish this by assigning a case management team, comprised of a licensed therapist and a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) to every client.  Because our clients are only with us a short time, it is important that the case management process begins at the time of admission into the BIH detox.  Our case management team’s primary role is to help identify problematic aspects of each client’s life, and to provide the support and resources necessary to course-correct in these areas.  Our team works in collaboration with each client and their families to draft an aftercare plan following successful completion of our detox program. In some cases, the aftercare plan may include referral to a more intensive residential treatment setting, enrollment in an out-patient program, recommendations for legal, academic and therapeutic support, or assistance in connecting with a local recovery community. At every step of the way, our case management team is here to champion our client’s success as they transition into a new life.